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There are so many things to be considered when opening a cafe or a restaurant – from the menu, location, theme, budget and more. In addition to those, you also have to consider the type of furniture you will use in your establishment. Picking the right furniture sets is a challenging task with all the different brands, styles and looks to choose from. To help you pick the right one, here are some pro tips to keep in mind.

Choose Furniture That Matches the Theme

Every cafe or restaurant has their own different atmosphere. When choosing furniture, make sure it matches the theme for a harmonious look in your decor. You can choose from a lot of styles like minimalistic, chic, classy and a lot more.

Prioritize Functionality and Comfort

Focus on functionality and comfort of furniture over style. Keeping your customers comfortable while they enjoy their meal will contributes to a positive experience which will keep them coming back over again. Adding a cushion to your seats is a good way to increase comfort.

Choose Easy to Maintain Furniture

Commercial furniture needs to be cleaned regularly due to the number of people using it every day. Generally, smooth surfaced furniture is perfect because they are easy to wipe and clean. However, if you prefer upholstered ones, choose a material that is easy to clean. For extra chairs or tables, it is better to choose foldable and portable ones because they can easily be stored off in the storage area.

Pick Different Configurations

If your cafe or restaurant has enough space, it is best to create several areas within it. For example, you can have a lounge or a bar area and a separate function room for events. Also, choose furniture that can cater to the various needs of your customers. For instance, you must have a big wide table with lots of seats around for big group gatherings and a smaller one for groups of 3 or 4.

Look for Durable Ones

Commercial furniture is a lot different from regular ones. Commercial ones are designed to withstand heavy wear because many people are using it every day. It is best not to go for cheaper alternatives because you can’t be sure of its durability and quality. Visit our shop and discover a wide range of quality and stylish furniture for your business.

Create A Floor Plan

A floor plan gives you an insight on how to arrange all the furniture and other stuff in your establishment. Carefully lay out where you plan to put the furniture and adjust it based on our estimated traffic flow in that area. Make sure that both the customers and your workers can move smoothly all over the place.

Install Pads

Make sure to add those cushions on the feet of your chairs to avoid scratching or damaging the floor when you move things around.

With these simple tips, choosing commercial furniture has never been this easy.

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