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Although you are you, you’re not entirely you. Does this sound strange? Don’t be scared. Have you ever heard of a little something called water? Also known as H2O? No? Because you’re almost entirely water- 60% of you to be exact. This might sound absurd, but it’s true. This is due to all the water that we consume. Once in our bodies, it is put into good use, integrating into our blood, all sorts of bodily cells, hormones and enzymes.

This is common across the animal kingdom. We’re not alone, all our animal brother and sisters share this same fate. And, plants do as well. So it might seem obvious to you that water is essential in our lives. It has various health benefits that we simply are not grateful enough for. Now, you don’t have to be a science major to understand most of these. Get ready because that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today. Keep on reading to discover the various benefits and functions in your body that water allows for.

It’s The Basis Of Your Body’s Biology

Get ready to drink some premium water because you’ll see how important it is.

Your body contains various components that are entirely made up of water such as enzymes, digestive juices and most importantly, blood. Our bodies can not survive without these components and these components cannot be reproduced and replenished without a water supply.

Let’s focus on our digestive system. Enzymes are a big part of the digestive system and help break down the food to release the nutrients inside. And one of the most important enzymes in our body is saliva. And what’s the main component of saliva? Water.

What else’s main component is water? None other than blood. Blood is used to transport nutrients and oxygen to bodily cells for respiration. Without respiration, the cells would die.

Enzymes act as catalysts to increase the speed of chemical reactions in our bodies. These chemical reactions are vital for cell growth- these are called metabolic reactions. Metabolic reactions can’t just take place. They need water, it acts as a medium for the reactions to take place. Thus, you can imagine how important it is.

Water acts as a vessel to carry out waste products from your body such as undigested mineral salts, vitamins, broken down urea as well as ammonia during urination. Without this, these substances can accumulate in your body which is dangerous.

Our bodies are amazing. We really are complex beings. Yet, we are still slaves to water. Thousands of years into evolution but we still heavily rely on it- not yet being capable of defeating its need. This is why we need to conserve water as much as we can as we are heading our populations into a global water crisis. Be vigilant and as careful as you.

So, did my article teach you anything new? I do hope that you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing it for you. Thanks for reading!


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